Staples – Roslindale, MA

Project Details

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Multiple tenant fit-ups for 20,000 square foot retail store

Retail: Staples – LEED “Gold” Roslindale, MA

Staples requested a LEED building be designed on a Boston urban site. We demolished part of an existing building and re-used most of the existing foundation for the smaller staples building. The building was design to blend into a neighborhood to match the Roslindale Village street-scape with brick and pre-cast concrete façade with accent lighting. The building has a super insulated envelope which is 35% more energy efficient. Thirty-nine solar powered skylights allow for the lights to be turned down during the day to reduce electricity consumption. The lights automatically dim or turn off depending on how much light comes through the skylights. The building achieved a Gold rating by the U.S. Green Building Council. Staples is an industrial leader of homes and office supplies in the U.S. and World Wide.